Dieting and weight loss – What is the common misconception

Millions of people suffer across the globe because of obesity, and it’s the main factor for various health-related problems. Everyone knows by heart that obesity is bad and going to kill them sooner or later.

The US government is now paying the price of being an obese nation. More than 13 million kids are suffering due to excess weight. In addition, to that staggering 78 million general populations are under fat. It is creating lots of emotional and physical issues within them and others.

Eating less – A Myth:

Just simply cut calorie intake from your diet. Calories eventually kill you. However, people have the notion that eating less will solve the problem. It’s a myth around the air for a long time.

The only way to drop weight is to burn the calories from the body.

Many of us intellectually know that the modern diet is the main cause of obesity but not able to recover from this habit. The latest scientific research reveals that obese people don’t have the willpower to resist food triggers because the stress and low blood sugar levels not allowed them to think properly.

Why is a person quit the weight loss programs in the middle?

Human is result-oriented animals. They are looking for instant results whatever they do. Dieting and weight loss program use “Time” as a hook to draw a client. 99.9% of programmes are unable to deliver what they promise on the ground. They only concentrate on income, not an overall benefit to a customer. It’s questionable that anyone loses the weight completely after undergone such schedule on a long-time basis.

Food that makes you less healthy:

Processed food and living healthy are indirectly proportional to each other. There is no way to lose weight when people eating junk.

At present, good health is greater than “don’t” rather than “do’s.” Avoid all refined food that contains high refined carbohydrates, depleted in nutrients, depleted in fructose, artificial ingredients, low trans fats and processed veggie oils.

For example, people are surrounded by products like Granola Bars, bacon, instant Roman, flavored nuts, microwave popcorn, frozen dinners, ketchup, soft drinks, pizza, burger, etc. People literally eating a slow poison.

What is the starting point?

Dieting and weight loss start with your mouth and hand. Think for a moment that what is going to eat will enhance the body? If the answer is reliable “no,” then stop it. Choose a trainer who suggesting plant food based product is food for dieting and weight loss. Start the journey now.